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Scott Wolf, Broker/Owner
Wolf Professional Realty PC
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Scott Wolf became a licensed Realtor in 2000. He later became an Associate Broker in 2006. In 2010, Scott started Wolf Professional Realty PC as the Managing Broker.

At the age of 21, Scott purchased his first home. The next year he purchased a second property. He believes that real estate is a great investment and should be added to strengthen any portfolio. He continues to build his own real estate holdings and utilizes this

Scott prides himself on being a professional. While others in Real Estate treat it as a hobby or part time job, he is a full time agent with expert knowledge and superior service. 

Scott has three kids Alex, Emilia, and Rex. Scott enjoys playing with his kids and their cocker spaniel Indie.


Scott is your source for buying and selling real estate!

Wolf Professional Realty PC
Wolf Professional Realty PC
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